TA: 以太坊整合, 什么可以触发 ETH 的强劲复苏

Ethereum restarted its decline after it failed to stay above $2,000 兑美元. ETH价格保持 $1,880 支持, but it must clear $2,000 for a decent increase.

  • Ethereum started a fresh decline and it once again tested the $1,880 支撑区.
  • The price is still trading well below the $2,000 resistance and the 100 每小时简单移动平均线.
  • There is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $1,955 在ETH / USD的小时图上 (通过Kraken提供数据).
  • The pair could start a decent increase if it clears the $1,965 和 $2,000 抵抗水平.

Ethereum Price Settles Below $2K

After a failed attempt to settle above $2,000, ethereum extended its decline, 类似于比特币. ETH price broke the $1,920 support and it settled well below the 100 每小时简单移动平均线.

然而, the price stayed above the $1,880 支持. A low was formed near $1,861 and the price recently started an upside correction. 突破了 $1,920 和 $1,925 抵抗水平.

以太爬上了 23.6% 斐波拉契回撤位从 $2,043 向高处摆动 $1,881 低. It is now facing resistance near the $1,950 区. There is also a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $1,955 在ETH / USD的小时图上.


资源: ETHUSD在TradingView.com

The trend line is close to the 50% 斐波拉契回撤位从 $2,043 向高处摆动 $1,881 低. 下一个主要阻力位于 $2,000 区域和 100 每小时简单移动平均线.

If ether breaks the trend line and then settles above $2,050, there could be a steady increase. 下一个主要阻力位于 $2,050 水平.

Fresh Decline in ETH?

If Ethereum fails to recover above $1,955 和 $2,050, it could continue to move down. 下行方面的初步支撑接近 $1,920 水平.

第一个主要支撑位在附近 $1,880 水平. 如果以太无法保持在 $1,880 支持, it could decline towards the $1,865 支持. Any more losses could set the pace for a drop towards the $1,750 support zone in the near term.


每小时MACDETH / USD的MACD在看涨区域缓慢增长.

每小时RSIThe RSI for ETH/USD is now back above the 50 水平.

主要支持水平– $1,880

主要抵抗水平– $2,000

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