TA: 以太坊纠正损失, 这就是为什么 $2,300 是一个主要的障碍

Ethereum started a sharp downside correction below $2,400 和 $2,300 兑美元. ETH price is correcting losses, but it is likely to face sellers near $2,300.

  • Ethereum declined heavily from well above $2,400 and tested the $2,000 区.
  • The price is now trading well below $2,300 和 100 每小时简单移动平均线.
  • There was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance near $2,250 在ETH / USD的小时图上 (通过Kraken提供数据).
  • The pair is likely to face a strong resistance near $2,300 和 $2,320.

Ethereum Price Is Correcting Losses

Ethereum formed a short-term top near the $2,550 level and started a major decline. ETH traded below many important supports near the $2,400 和 $2,300.

The price even declined below the $2,200 support and settled well below the 100 每小时简单移动平均线, 类似于比特币. It even spiked below the $2,000 support and traded as low as $1,951. 最近, ether started a decent recovery and climbed above the $2,100 和 $2,200 等级.

突破了 50% 斐波拉契回撤位从 $2,496 向高处摆动 $1,951 低. There was also a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance near $2,250 在ETH / USD的小时图上.


资源: ETHUSD在TradingView.com

The pair is now consolidating near the $2,250 水平. 好的方面, there is a major resistance forming near the $2,300 水平和 100 每小时简单移动平均线. 的 61.8% 斐波拉契回撤位从 $2,496 向高处摆动 $1,951 低也近 $2,288.

A successful close above the $2,300 水平和 100 hourly SMA is must to move back into a positive zone. The next major resistance sits near $2,350.

Fresh Decline in ETH?

如果以太坊无法清除 $2,300 水平和 100 每小时SMA, there is a risk of a fresh decline. 下行方面的初步支撑接近 $2,200 水平.

下一个主要支撑位在 $2,175 水平. A successful downside break below the $2,175 support zone could open the doors for a move towards the $2,100 在接下来的会议中提供支持.


每小时MACDETH / USD的MACD在看涨区域缓慢增长.

每小时RSIThe RSI for ETH/USD is now back above the 50 水平.

主要支持水平– $2,200

主要抵抗水平– $2,300

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