TA: 以太坊胜过比特币, 为什么公牛可以瞄准 $2,500 或更高

Ethereum extended its rally to a new all-time high near $2,450 兑美元. ETH price is now consolidating gains, with high chances of more gains above the $2,450 水平.

  • Ethereum traded above $2,400 and topped near the $2,450 水平.
  • 价格现在远高于 $2,400 和 100 每小时简单移动平均线.
  • There is a major bullish trend line forming with support near $2,370 在ETH / USD的小时图上 (通过Kraken提供数据).
  • The pair is likely to continue higher towards the $2,480 和 $2,500 levels in the near term.

Ethereum Price Is Holding Gains

Ethereum remains in a positive zone above the $2,300 水平. ETH extended its rally above the $2,400 水平, outperforming bitcoin in the short-term.

It traded to a new all-time high near the $2,450 level and settled well above the 100 每小时简单移动平均线. It is now correcting gains and trading just below $2,420. There was a test of the 23.6% 斐波拉契回撤位从 $2,293 摆动低到 $2,450 高.


资源: ETHUSD在TradingView.com

不利的一面, there is a key support forming near the $2,400 水平. 下一个主要支撑位在 $2,375 水平. There is also a major bullish trend line forming with support near $2,370 在ETH / USD的小时图上.

The trend line is close to the 50% 斐波拉契回撤位从 $2,293 摆动低到 $2,450 高. 好的方面, 的 $2,450 level is a major resistance zone. A successful close above the $2,450 level is likely to set the pace for a move towards the $2,500 水平.


如果以太坊无法清除 $2,450 抵抗性, 它可能会降低. The first major support is now forming near the $2,400 水平.

The main support is now near the $2,3750 level and the trend line zone. 如果以太无法保持在 $2,375 支撑区, it could continue to move down towards the $2,330 支撑区. If the bulls fail to clear protect the $2,330 support could open the doors for a move towards the $2,320 支持.


每小时MACDThe MACD for ETH/USD is slowly losing momentum in the bullish zone.

每小时RSIETH / USD的RSI现在远高于 60 水平.

主要支持水平– $2,375

主要抵抗水平– $2,450

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