The Swiss-based cryptocurrency project the Tezos Foundation has announced that its mainnet will be launched on Monday, according to a September 14 鸣叫.

在星期一, the beta period of the network will officially be over, as the protocol will become a full mainnet. Tezos introduced its beta network in June, 调用move“拐点”的项目. From that point on, users could begin validating blocks or “baking” after the first seven cycles.

In order to build a network and issue a new type of cryptocurrency, Tezos launched an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) 在七月 2017, in which it raised around 66,000 比特币 (BTC) 和 361,000 Ethereums (ETH), 价值约 $232 million at that time. Tezos, 然而, called the fundsa non-refundable donation” 而不是 “speculative investment,” adding that the token might not be issued at all.

Following the ICO, a dispute arose between Arthur and Kathleen Breitman, the co-founders of the project who own Tezos’ intellectual property rights, and Johann Gevers, 谁控制了募集资金. This led to an indefinite delay of the platform launch and a series of lawsuits against the company.

Since the ICO’s completion, Tezos has also been the subject of criticism and multiple lawsuits concerning compliance with U.S. 证券交易委员会 (SEC) 法规. The lawsuits claimed that Tezos tokens should be considered securities under U.S. 法, meaning they would need to be registered with the SEC in order to be legally sold to investors.

在六月, the foundation announced the implementation of Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering (KYS/AML) checks for contributors, specifically for those looking to participate in ICOs. The move was met with a negative reaction from the community.

截至记者发稿时, Tezos (XTZ) 是围绕交易 $1.54, up over 15 %的当天, while its market capitalization is about $933 百万.

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资源: Cointelegraph