This bullish Bitcoin options strategy lets traders speculate on BTC price with less risk

Historical data shows that it is nearly impossible to consistently predict Bitcoin’s price action and many traders that attempt this end up losing money. Now that Bitcoin trades near $50,000, the ultimate goal for most traders is to hold on to their current holdings and incrementally add to them in a way that is not terribly risky.

期权策略为拥有固定资产目标的交易者提供了绝佳的机会. 例如, using leveraged futures contracts might be a solution for a scenario where one expects a price increase of up to 28% over the next month. 当然, using a tight stop loss lessens the viability of the trade.

另一方面, using multiple call (购买) options can create a strategy that allows gains that are four times higher than the potential loss. These can be used in both bullish and bearish circumstances, depending on the investorsexpectations.

The long butterfly strategy allows a trader to profit from the upside while limiting losses. 重要的是要记住,选项具有设定的到期日期; 因此, 价格上涨必须在规定的时间内发生.

比特币 (比特币) calendar options below are for the March 26 到期, 但这种策略也可以在以太币上使用 (ETH) 选项或其他时间范围. 虽然费用会有所不同, 它的一般效率不应该受到影响.

利润 / 损失估计. 资源: 提现头寸生成器

The suggested bullish strategy consists of buying 1 比特币价值 $48,000 call options while simultaneously selling double that amount of $56,000 来电. 完成交易, 一个应该买 1 BTC价值 $64,000 call options.

While this call option gives the buyer the right to acquire an asset, the contract seller gets a (potential) negative exposure.

如以上估算所示, if BTC is trading for $48,700, 之间的任何结果 $49,380 (向上 1.5%) 和 $62,630 (向上 28.6%) 产生净收益. 例如, 一种 10% 价格上涨至 $53,570 导致 $4,000 净收益. 与此同时, 该策略的最大损失是 $1,350 if BTC trades below $48,000 或以上 $64,000 在三月 26.

This allure of this butterfly strategy is the trader can secure a $4,050 获得, which is 3x larger than the maximum loss, if BTC trades from $53,550 至 $58,460 到期.

Overall it yields a much better risk-reward from leveraged futures trading considering the limited downside.

The multiple options strategy trade provides a better risk-reward for bullish traders seeking exposure to BTC’s price increase and the only upfront fee required is the $1,350 which reflects the maximum loss if the price is below $48,000 或以上 $64,000 在到期日.

这里表达的观点和意见仅是 身份验证[R 并不一定反映Cointelegraph的观点. 每笔投资和交易动作都涉及风险. 您在做出决定时应该进行自己的研究.

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